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About Us

Eight Bays Investment Management is based in Sydney, Australia. The business was established with the specific strategic purpose of investing in, and providing advice on the growing global Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) sector. Our investing focus targets the growing specialised industry ETF segment. 

In July 2021, Australia's leading trustee company, Equity Trustees and Eight Bays Investment Management established the first Australian based International fund (EQT Eight Bays Global Fund) that invests primarily in US listed industry centric ETFs. 

An actively managed Global ETF Portfolio can provide investors with exposure to a range of industries and sectors generally not available in domestic markets with long term growth prospects.


George Clapham
Charles Cropper
Richard Newton



39 years experience

Eight Bays 5 years

Arnhem 10 years

ABN AMRO 7 years

Bankers Trust 16 years


28 years experience

Eight Bays 5 years

Itochu 4 years


37 years experience

Eight Bays 5 years

JP Morgan 17 years

George Clapham was Head of Equities and Managing Partner of Arnhem Investment Management, ABN Amro Asset Management.


George was head of Equity Research at Bankers Trust Australia. George has managed long only and long/short equity portfolios for many  years and managed global equity portfolios.


Charles Cropper is a long term investor in global equities and agriculture. Charles has worked in business development with a focus on the medical devices sector.

Charles Cropper spent four years with Japanese multinational Itochu as a project manager on large scale development projects.


Richard Newton was Managing Director at JP Morgan Australia and held a number of senior roles there including most recently Head of Australian and NZ Equity Syndicate.


He has extensive experience in the Australian and International Equity markets, having worked in Sydney, Hong Kong, and London throughout his career. Richard was instrumental in the founding of Eight Bays. 


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